Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu

Founder & CEO

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Valentin Radu had 17 different jobs before founding his first company. 

One exit and one failure later, he founded what turned out to become the largest online car insurance player in Romania.

With a huge appetite for innovation, customer-centricity, and data, he launched Omniconvert.

As the CEO of Omniconvert, Valentin has helped eCommerce managers and owners, that don't have the time or resources to find the hidden gems in their data, to craft outstanding customer journeys and improve the LTV.

Omniconvert is trusted by top brands worldwide like Avon, Decathlon, Heineken, Orange, WWF, Wordstream, Whirlpool, etc.

Being a veteran in the eCommerce industry, Valentin has foreseen a switch in the market as early as 2016. That’s why, he is now the architect of the Customer Value Optimization Category, a ground-breaking innovation framework for eCommerce companies that are using qualitative & quantitative data to improve the LTV for eCommerce companies.

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